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Turkish Cardiology Association managers warned: "Smoking is a disease"

From the Turkish Society of Cardiology "Healthy nutrition, sports, quitting tobacco and tobacco products provide benefits on your cardiovascular system and ...

100 Turks Who Shaped Medical Science

He performed the first applications of drug-eluting cardiac stents in the world. Graduated in 1990 from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr Muzaffer Değertekin graduated from Istanbul ...

Air Pollution Should Be Taken Seriously

Drawing attention to the effect of air pollution on heart health, Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Değertekin said, "Recent studies show that the negative effect of air pollution on heart health is at least as effective as smoking."

Heart Failure Block, 3 Points for Life

The Turkish Society of Cardiology (TKD) organised "Block for Heart Failure, 3 Points for Life" with the participation of actor Sarp Apak and former basketball player Serdar Çağlan to draw attention to the rapidly increasing heart failure all over the world.