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Heart Kills Turks 12 Years Earlier

The striking results of a study conducted by the Turkish Society of Cardiology (TKD) have been announced. According to the study on “The frequency and causes of heart failure in Turkey”, the results of which were announced by Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Değertekin, who conducted the study, heart failure is seen more than expected in Turkish society. Approximately 700 thousand people suffer from heart failure. When the results of the research are evaluated according to the population, it is revealed that 3 million 600 thousand people are at risk. According to the research, although 2/3 of the patients have heart failure complaints, they are not aware of their disease. Thirteen per cent have various degrees of impairment in heart function.

It threatens women

Prof Değertekin points out that heart failure is more common in people with diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight people and those who have had a heart attack. According to Prof Değertekin, one of the most important findings of the study is as follows: Heart failure is more common in women. The reason for this is that women are fatter than men. Değertekin also said that the 10-year life expectancy of patients in the advanced stage is below 10 per cent.


TKD’s study was completed in 2.5 years and the data of 5 thousand people over the age of 35 were analysed in all regions.

We live 71 years

According to a study conducted by the International Institute for Management and Development in 55 countries in 2007, Japan has the longest life expectancy with an average age of 82 years. This country is followed by France with an average age of 80. This rate is 79 in the UK, 77 in Slovenia, 76 in the Czech Republic and 75 in Croatia. Turkey ranks 46th in the list with an average age of 71.

First cause of death

In Turkey, the mortality rate due to heart disease ranks first among all deaths with 43 per cent. This is the highest rate for the 45-47 age group compared to 50 European countries. One in every eight men and one in every 17 women die from heart disease before the age of 65. According to data from the Diabetes Profile Survey in Turkey, the number of heart disease patients is estimated to reach 3.4 million due to the increase in life expectancy. The number of deaths among these patients will be approximately 250 thousand.