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Smoking is a Preventable Cause of Disability and Death!

Smoking is the leading risk factor for heart health.


heart disease,
stroke (paralysis),
lung diseases and
It causes death by causing various cancers.

How does smoking increase the risk of heart disease?

Smoking can cause cardiovascular disease on its own, but it also increases the risk due to other factors.


  • increase in blood pressure,
  • difficulty in daily movements,
  • lung diseases and respiratory deficiencies
  • tendency to blood clotting,
    lowering the level of good cholesterol,
  • leads to arteriosclerosis.

Smoking also increases the risk of heart disease in people with a family history of heart disease.

Which risks can I avoid by quitting smoking?

  • Smoking is the most important source of risk for young men and women.
    Even a little smoking is harmful.
  • The World Health Organisation recommends that even 1 smoker a day


  • The risk of heart attack in smokers is 2 times higher than in non-smokers.
  • Smoking is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death: The risk is 2-4 times higher in smokers.
  • The risk of heart disease is increased in people who smoke in close proximity.
  • The risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke is much higher in women who smoke and use the contraceptive pill than in non-smokers.

The benefits of quitting smoking...

Do not give up trying to quit!

The nicotine in cigarettes causes addiction. For this reason, you may have tried to quit smoking before and failed. This should not discourage you.

You may need help to quit smoking. You can get help by consulting your doctor.